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Take all of the necessary steps to success before you distribute your next release. Whether you need feedback, licensing, or mastering, we’ve got you covered.

Music Opportunities


Our expert creative team is spread across global creative hubs, covering every key market worldwide. We work closely with our writers to find the best songwriting and networking opportunities around the world. We work collaboratively to pitch songs to artists, secure co-writes with other songwriters, provide leads and briefs for upcoming projects, and much more.



We actively support our global network of talent and catalogue partners, encouraging collaboration, such as co-writes and co-productions. We also connect our writers with collaborators from outside the publishing world – bringing them together with vocalists, writers and remixers. Our regular writing camps are a great way to with other top writers for today’s hottest artists.


Career Development


Our A&R team works together with up and coming artists across all genres to place your songs. They help to connect people looking for new songs with those who write them. Our listings are constantly updated with detailed information on genre, style, sound samples, artists, and due date, allowing for an immediate response to each search request.

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